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6 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

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A water heater always goes unnoticed when it functions as expected, but things come to a standstill when it develops a problem. As a homeowner, therefore, you need to know how to differentiate real issues on your water heater from false alarms that you can fix.

You should also know when to call professionals for assistance. This knowledge can help you solve issues earlier before they severely ruin your heater. Here are six signs your water heater needs repair.

1. No Hot Water

Under normal conditions, if no hot water flows after you turn on your hot water faucets, you should get repair services. Your heater’s heating elements could be spoiled and might need replacement.

But don’t open the water heater or try to fix it since you may ruin it further. Let the professionals handle the repair task.

2. Fluctuating Water Temperature

Inconsistent water temperature is not as noticeable as not having any hot water at all. For this reason, most homeowners overlook this problem, which makes it worse.

Mineral deposits tend to accumulate around the heating elements and affect the functionality of the heater. The problem makes the water temperature unpredictable. This is a clear sign that you need to repair your water heater.

3. Reduced Water Pressure

Mineral deposits can also accumulate in the tank or the pipes and significantly reduce the water pressure. Thus, if your water heater drains water at low pressure, your pipes could be clogged, and you should get professional help.

4. Leakage

A water heater can crack due to various reasons. For example, the high temperatures might make the metallic parts of the tank expand, causing cracks, which can lead to water accumulation near the appliance’s base. This eventually reduces its performance due to water damage.

Minor leaks usually go unnoticed because they don’t have a significant impact on performance. For this reason, you should inspect your water heater every month to make sure the tank is not leaking.

If you find water near the heater, find out if it’s coming from the appliance. Dry the water and then check after a few hours. If you find it again, you have a leakage, and you need to hire repair services.

5. Banging Noise

Noise in a water heater can naturally occur because it’s a busy appliance. But strange and loud noises should alert you of a problem. The accumulation of sediments mostly causes the banging noise.

When sediments amass at the bottom of the tank, the heating elements burn them and form what plumbers refer to as scale. The scale forces the water heater to work harder to function at the same rate as before and thus the banging noise. Professionals can flush the scale out and clean your tank to enhance efficiency and reduce the noise.

6. Rusty Water

If your water is red-brownish and has a strange smell, your water heater has rust. At times, the water can be clear, and so the smell should also alert you that your appliance is rusty. A metallic taste is another sign of rust inside the heater.

A water heater is likely to rust after a long period of use, but the water is not supposed to be affected. This means that if you get rusty water, the water is passing through locations it shouldn’t. You should call a plumber to identify the source of the problem and solve it on time.

You need to call a professional for help because the rust can corrode the water tank, and eventually cause it to fail.

If you get both rusty hot and cold water, then the issue could be corrosion in your pipes or somewhere else in the plumbing system. However, if only the hot water is affected, the chances are that the rust is in your water heater.

If you encounter any of the above water heater problems, you should have the heater repaired. Our company has a team of competent and experienced plumbers who can solve these and more plumbing issues within a short time. If you have questions or need our services, contact us ASAP!

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You guys did a great job, very courteous, clean, and you saved the drywall which made the repairs easier, thanks....
You guys did a great job, very courteous, clean, and you saved the drywall which made the repairs easier, thanks. - G. C.

“Thank you for the new toilet, it's a huge improvement. The plunger is going back in the closet!” - O.T.
“Thank you for the new toilet, it's a huge improvement. The plunger is going back in the closet!” - O.T.