Basement Remodel? What You Need to Know About Plumbing

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Are you ready to upgrade your basement? Before you transform an unfinished space into an entertaining area, playroom, or spare bedroom, take a look at what you need to know about basement plumbing.

Fix Leaks First

Have you ignored the dripping pipe in your now-unfinished basement for months or even years? If you’re planning a major remodel, this issue might suddenly have your attention.

Even though minor drips or leaks into unused areas may seem like issues you can ignore, these plumbing problems can cause serious damage — right now and after your basement model is complete. The top reasons to hire a professional for leak repair before you begin any unfinished-to-finished basement renovation include:

  • Leaks can interfere with renovations. The new plaster or drywall the contractor installs in your finished basement game room or bedroom won’t dry if a pipe constantly leaks into the area. Plumbing leaks can also get in the way of flooring, cabinet, ceiling, and electrical installations.
  • Leaks can cost you money. A leaking pipe can drip water onto your new furniture or flood newly installed lighting fixtures. This can cost you unnecessarily in the price of immediate replacements.
  • Leaks can promote mold growth. Your basement is already a damp area. Add in a plumbing leak, and you’ll create the perfect environment for mold growth.

Along with the potential for damage, mold growth, and other leak-related issues, this type of plumbing problem also wastes water. Household leaks can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water annually, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The sooner you fix a leak, the less water you’ll use. This eco-friendly repair can also save you from costly monthly water utility bills.

Ask About Hookups

Does your basement have the right water, drain, and natural gas hookups to make your renovation dreams come true? A total transformation of the space may mean you need a professional to inspect the area for these plumbing connections — especially if you plan to add:

  • A new bathroom. If your basement doesn’t have an existing bathroom, you’ll need to add water hookups and drains for the sink, toilet, and tub. Without existing hookups, the contractor may need to break through concrete floors or make other significant renovations.
  • A bar area. Does your new entertainment space include plans for a bar area? A bar sink can save you trips up and down the stairs and help to keep the area clean. But you’ll need a plumber to install new water hookups and a drain connection before you add a sink.
  • A new water heater. Will your basement renovation plans force you to move the water heater? This may require the contractor to install new water hookups or natural gas lines.

New water, drain, or natural gas hookups aren’t do-it-yourself projects for a novice plumber to try. Failure to correctly install these lines could result in water leaks or gas hazards.

Choose the Right Contractor

Installation-related water and natural gas leaks aren’t the only reasons to choose a professional plumber for your basement renovation job. You need to hire a plumbing contractor to:

  • Choose and install fixtures. Which sink, tub, shower, or other fixture is right for your basement renovation? A plumbing contractor can help you to select the just-right fixtures and install each one correctly.
  • Follow local building codes. A qualified plumbing contractor should have extensive knowledge of the local building codes related to plumbing systems you need to follow for this type of renovation.
  • Work with other contractors. New basement plumbing installation time frames and placement may depend on other systems or areas of the project. A professional plumber can work with and coordinate the technical aspects of the job with other contractors (such as electricians or drywall installers).

If you don’t already have a trusted plumber, choose a company that offers renovation and new installation services. Ask the contractor for customer references and photos of finished projects to better understand what you can expect from your potential future plumber.

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