Does Your Home Need Re-Piping?

While pipes are a critical part of any home, you may not often think about them until something goes wrong. Pipe problems can spell disaster for your home and lead to severe water damage, costly repairs, and health hazards. Therefore, always watch out for signs that your home’s piping may be in trouble to catch and rectify issues early to avoid headaches and expenses down the road.


Your Pipes Are Rusty

Even the best quality piping materials are susceptible to rust and corrosion. While a small amount of surface rust may not be a cause for alarm, the corrosion could indicate a more serious issue. For instance, if a water pressure drop accompanies the rust, then your pipes may have internal corrosion.


Besides the visible rust, other signs that your pipes have rust include:

  • Discolored water with a metallic taste
  • Frequent leaks
  • Low water pressure

If you notice any of these issues, then you need to call a professional plumber to inspect the pipes and determine if you need re-piping.


Your Water Bills Are Unusually High

If you notice a sudden and unexplained spike in your water bill, then leaky pipes are the most likely cause. Of course, other things can cause high water bills, such as increased usage or rate hikes, so you need to rule those out first. If you check for those and still can’t explain the spike, your pipes may have leaks.


The best way to determine if your high water bill is due to leaks is to monitor your meter. If the reading changes when all water sources in your home are off, then you probably have leaks.


Your Water Pressure Is Low

In most cases, low water pressure results from leaks. But the issue could also indicate mineral deposits that have built up in your pipes. The minerals restrict water flow, which reduces pressure.


Additionally, low water pressure may be due to a problem with the municipal water supply. If all the homes in your neighborhood have low water pressure, then you need to contact the authorities and have them check the water main. However, if only your home has low water pressure, the problem is most likely due to an issue with your internal piping. Let a plumbing contractor check it out and give you a solution.


Your Plumbing Is Noisy

Strange noises from the plumbing system show that your system is struggling. The most common noise complaint is a banging sound that typically happens when water pressure is too high. As the water moves through the pipes, it creates a hammering noise that echoes through your home.


High water pressure is not just noisy — it also damages your pipes. So if you hear a banging noise, have a professional plumber inspect your system and install a pressure-reducing valve to protect your pipes.


Another problem that may cause noises in your plumbing is pipe corrosion. The problem happens when the water sits in the same spot for too long without flowing. The stagnant water causes the pipes to rust from the inside out, and as they degrade, the pipes start making strange noises. If you hear any unusual sounds coming from your plumbing, shut off the water supply and call a professional to take a look.


A faulty piping system makes your home uncomfortable and inconvenient. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us at Quality Plumbing as soon as you notice any of the above signs. We will inspect your system to establish the extent of the damage. In case of extensive damage, we will offer quality re-piping to restore your plumbing system’s efficiency.