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Your plumbing needs attention and care to function properly. Over time, your plumbing system may start to develop leaks that decrease the efficiency of your system. Quality Plumbing provides leak repair services in Seattle, WA, so that your plumbing works as it should.

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Leaks in your plumbing system can range from minor inconveniences to serious problems. Our professionals can come to your home and quickly assess your plumbing system to determine what the best strategy for your home leak repair is.

We recognize that leak repair can be intimidating because it may require re-piping of your plumbing system. Our professionals know how extensive the re-piping should be to fully address the leaks in your home. We perform partial and complete re-piping services.


Our professionals also have experience with remodeling services, which enables us to re-pipe your home and restore the plumbing system to full functionality. We recognize that re-piping can require extensive efforts, which is why we work with you to determine the ideal way to repair any leaks.


We offer comprehensive plumbing services, which empowers us to determine whether re-piping is the best solution to repair your leaks. We fully evaluate your plumbing situation and the leaks so that we can provide the most efficient leak repair possible for your situation.

A Bathroom Sink In Need Of Our Leak Repair Services - Seattle, WA - Quality Plumbing

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Since 1979, we’ve offered comprehensive leak repair services throughout Seattle, WA. We use our decades of experience to bring you superior workmanship and close attention to providing you with excellent service.

In pursuit of that quality service, we provide the longest and best coverage on all of the parts that we use in our leak repair and other plumbing services. We include extensive warranties on all of our parts so that you can rest easy once we have repaired your leak.

Come to Quality Plumbing for all the leak repair services your Seattle, WA, home needs. Call 206-789-7676 or 425-454-3070 today.