Remodeling Your Bathroom? 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Sink

Bathroom Sink – Seattle, WA – Quality Plumbing If you plan to remodel your bathroom soon, then you may be overwhelmed with all your bathroom sink options. There are numerous bathroom sink types on the market today available in a variety of sizes and materials. Thankfully, you can choose the perfect sink for your bathroom when you learn about your sink options and the advantages and disadvantages of each sink choice. 


Read on to learn three tips for choosing the right bathroom sink for your family and home.


1. Choose Your Sink Faucet First


The most important component of your new sink will be the faucet. You should select your desired sink faucet style before you choose your sink type to ensure they are compatible. 


Your faucet options include: 

  • Single-hole faucets. These consist of faucet spouts with attached single handles that control water temperature. These faucets work well with small, single-hole sinks. 
  • Center-set faucets. They have spouts connected to two faucet handles. This faucet style is compatible with both single-hole basins and basins with two holes spaced four inches apart. 
  • Widespread faucets. Widespread faucets consist of three components that include one faucet spout and two faucet handles that are not connected. This faucet style works well with large sinks with three holes placed 8 to 16 inches apart. 
  • Wall-mounted faucets. These are available in many styles and are compatible with most sinks. However, a wall-mounted valve and drain must be added to your bathroom to support this faucet style if your bathroom is not already equipped with these plumbing components. 

Each faucet type has its unique advantages. While two-handle, center-set, and widespread faucets offer more precise temperature control, single-handle faucets work best with smaller sinks. 


2. Consider Your Sink Material Options

One exciting decision you will make when choosing your new bathroom sink is the sink material. Every sink material option has advantages and disadvantages. 


Natural stone sinks, such as those made from marble or granite, are popular due to the stylish appearance of stone. However, sinks made of porous stone types must be sealed on a periodic basis to prevent staining. Composite stone sinks are more affordable than their natural stone counterparts and are naturally stain-resistant. 


Acrylic resin, also called solid surface, sinks are affordable, easy to clean, and have an attractive, glossy finish. However, they can be prone to discoloration over time when not cared for properly. 


Metal sinks are durable and stain-resistant, although they can be prone to scratches, so avoid cleaning metal sinks with abrasive cleaning agents. While stainless steel sinks are affordable and popular, copper sinks kill bacteria naturally to keep your bathroom more sanitary. 


Tempered glass sinks are attractive and breakage-resistant, although they are prone to developing water spots, especially in homes that have hard water. 


3. Select the Right Sink Style


When choosing the right sink style for your bathroom, take the size of your bathroom, the location of your sink, and your personal style into consideration. Some sink styles are also easier to keep clean than others. 


If you plan to attach your sink to a countertop, then your main two sink style options are drop-in and undermount sinks. While drop-in sinks have rims and are easier to install, undermount sinks have a sleeker appearance and are easier to keep clean due to their lack of exposed rims where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. 


Vessel sinks rest on top of a counter and are compatible with wall-mounted faucets. Unlike many other sink types, vessel sinks are not designed to blend into your bathroom décor but are instead often the focal point of a bathroom’s design. 


When adding a sink to a small bathroom with no countertops, you can choose between pedestal and wall-mounted sinks. Pedestal sinks are attached to stands that support them while occupying little space. Wall-mounted sinks are attached directly to a bathroom wall to save even more space by eliminating the sink stand altogether. 


If you plan to remodel your bathroom, then follow these three tips to make choosing the right bathroom sink for you easier. Contact the bathroom remodeling experts at Quality Plumbing to schedule new bathroom sink installation today.