Skip the Spa and Enjoy Some Steam at Home

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Spa visitors often enjoy a session in a sauna or steam shower. This has prompted many people to want a steam feature at home as they redesign their bathrooms. A home spa is a wonderful addition, but there is no need to renovate an entire bathroom just for the benefits of a steam shower. Here is what all homeowners should know about steam showers before they begin.


Numerous Benefits

Steam relaxes and rejuvenates the body, it helps to soothe sore muscles, and it clears congested sinuses. Steam helps to empty the pores of oil and debris so people experience fewer blemishes. A steam shower can boost blood circulation, and many athletes enjoy a session in a steam shower as a recovery tool after a workout.


The installation of a steam generator can enable anyone to have a private spa. It may seem like an extravagance, but a steam shower is more eco-friendly than traditional showers or baths used for relaxation. A 30-minute steam shower uses about two gallons of water. A regular 10-minute shower uses 25 gallons of water and a bath consumes between 30–50 gallons.


Simple Installation Process

Some people will renovate their bathrooms and include a dedicated steam shower during the process. The full renovation is great if that is what the homeowners want but it is also possible to install a steam generator to use with an existing shower.

The sizes of the generators for this purpose vary, so it is possible to find one that matches any size shower. People with small showers can still have a full spa experience. Compact generators and the installation of fold-down benches in the shower stall make it possible to relax and enjoy the luxury in the smallest bathroom.


It is important to match the generator to the shower size. Large showers need a generator large enough to produce adequate steam to fill the space, and a large generator could be a wasteful purchase if paired with a small shower. Small showers in small bathrooms may lack the extra storage space to hide away a large generator.


Basic Homeowner Warnings

Steam showers create a lot of humidity for the bathroom and the home. Wood may warp and wallpaper peel in consistently damp environments and mold and mildew can also develop. Adequate ventilation protects the home because it avoids these concerns.


Install an exhaust vent if one does not already exist. Consider placing a dehumidifier in the bathroom or outside the bathroom door to help remove the moisture. Opening the bathroom window an inch or two during or after the steam shower will also help with air circulation and steam removal.


Be cautious about who will use the shower. Steam showers help many people feel better, but they are not safe for everyone. Pregnant women, people with heart conditions and those with blood pressure problems (either high or low) should avoid steam showers. Others include those on antibiotics, people with epilepsy, and anyone under the influence of intoxicants.


Steam showers can cause dehydration, so anyone with the flu or other illness should use caution when they step into the steam. Parents should always supervise their children during the use of the shower for safety reasons. Talk to a doctor first about the use of the shower for infants and toddlers, the ill, or seniors.


Soothe away the stress of the day, relieve aching muscles, and clear your sinuses during allergy season. Steam showers give homeowners a lot of pleasure and comfort for a moderate investment. At Quality Plumbing, we can help prepare your bathroom and install a steam generator so you can enjoy the at-home spa experience. Contact us today to learn more.