What Could Happen if You Ignore Plumbing Problems


Your plumbing system plays a big role in how well your home functions and you shouldn’t ignore plumbing problems that could be putting your entire system in jeopardy. Even small plumbing problems could grow into bigger issues and end up causing a considerable amount of damage and costing you a lot of money if they aren’t resolved.


In addition to obvious problems, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of having your plumbing system inspected by professionals who can look for other plumbing issues that aren’t always easy to notice. By ensuring that your plumbing system gets the proper care and scheduling any necessary plumbing repairs, you can avoid the following problems.


Indoor Flooding

Indoor flooding can happen suddenly if a pipe bursts and causes water to flow uncontrollably into your living space. A slower leak from a pipe or some other plumbing fixture can also result in indoor flooding if the leak isn’t fixed. Indoor flooding can occur in any area of your home, but bathrooms and basements are particularly prone to indoor flooding when plumbing problems occur.


Mold Growth

Water that isn’t contained by your plumbing system could leak out and cause mold to grow on any surfaces or objects that get exposed to moisture. Hot water leaks can further worsen the problem of mold growth since mold often grows best in damp and humid conditions. Mold can make your home dirtier and smellier and cause health problems like breathing difficulties and allergic reactions to the skin.


Material Damage

Plumbing problems can also affect wood, drywall, and other structural materials of your home that get exposed to moisture. You may see stains on your ceilings and walls or notice that your floors are starting to warp if leakage from your plumbing system is damaging the materials. Your carpets could also get ruined by water damage if plumbing problems are allowed to persist.


Pipe Damage

Your pipes will eventually become old and need repairs or replacements regardless of how good their quality may be. Corrosion can eat away at pipes and lessen the safety and quality of your water. Prompt attention can save your pipes from further damage. Rust is another big problem for older pipes. Old or damaged pipes are also more prone to breakage and could leak or break entirely if plumbing issues are left ignored.


Clogged Drains

Drains usually get clogged from time to time, but severe clogs could form if your drains haven’t been cleaned for a long time. Dirt, hair, and food scraps are just some of the things that can build up in your drains and cause water backups. If you have any tough clogs, a professional drain cleaning service can get your drains clear so that water can flow freely through them again.


Total Loss of Hot Water

If your hot water runs out quickly or varies in temperature while you’re using it, your water heater might be failing. By getting your water heater fixed or replaced when you first start to notice problems with your hot water, you can avoid running out of hot water entirely when you least expect it.



Some plumbing issues can even cause fires if water comes in contact with electronic devices or electrical system components. Soldering mistakes that inexperienced individuals sometimes make can also cause fires, so it’s best to hire a seasoned professional. Additionally, fires can happen if heat tape that’s used to keep pipes from freezing has been applied improperly and caused the pipes to overheat. 


You can keep your plumbing system in better condition and prevent the above misfortunes if you don’t overlook any pressing issues. If you have any plumbing mishaps or want to take preventative measures, contact Quality Plumbing to arrange for plumbers to come to your location.